We do service checks and inspection metering including follow up service, repair operations and manufacture of spare part for all types of systems we manufacture and also for some electro-mechanical lifting systems of other manufacturers.

Survey of offered service operations

1. Service inspections and metering for above systems

We offer complete metering of the condition of wear of individual parts and evaluation of the general condition and completeness of systems in site.

We have a team of experienced service and metering engineers, technical equipment and, first of all, complete documentation that has been and is an integral part of the certification of such systems.

Based on an expert inspection of systems, we prepare a report describing the condition of the system including possible recommendations concerning further operation and possible repairs. This report is provided to the system operator who can use it as a basis for decision on contingent service and for planning of repairs etc.


2. All types of repairs of specified systems according to inspections results and requirements of the client

If necessary and if so requested by the owner/operator, we replace worn parts or reinstall missing parts or perform repair of any extent starting from minor repairs to overhauls. As the manufacturer, we can guarantee that all repairs will be performed in compliance with the technical documentation of the manufacturer and issued certificates.


3. System modernisation

If so required, we can include modernisation of control electronic systems and some mechanical lifting jack parts to the overhaul. The modernisation includes primarily further improvement of operational safety standard (more exactly synchronisation of the lifting operation, protection against collision with obstacles and other elements).


All such repairs are subject to guarantee. If a system is overhauled, it can be subject to renewed guarantee for the complete system in its full extent as in case of a new system.

As the manufacturer of the above systems, we are able and we have exclusive authorisation to deliver the Product Completeness and Quality Protocol and User´ Manual.

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