FEREX Machinery s.r.o. is a leading Czech manufacturer of lifting jacks, lifting systems and other machinery systems designed primarily for road and railway vehicle manufacture and repair plants:

  • Road and railway lifting jacks
  • Railway carriage winches
  • Welding positioning systems
  • Mobile hydraulic lifting platforms
  • Railway vehicle turntables and axle dismantling devices
  • Conveyors (roller, apron, wheel, vibrating, chain conveyors)
  • Cranes (derrick, runway, gantry cranes)
  • Transport system components
  • Technological structures (platforms, walkways, storage bins/tanks)
  • Parts of machines, weldments
  • Preparations, non-standard systems, simple machines

The company has its proprietary know-how and all necessary design and workshop capacities for the design, manufacture, modification and service of its products. Company strengths include first of all its capability to design and adjust its products to individual needs of clients.

Company history

Company history started in 1858 when a machine construction factory development started as a technical basis for railway system development. Originally, its manufacturing programme focused on repair of passenger and freight carriages, locomotives, boilers and axles and refurbishment of railway carriages to mobile workshops.

The operation then experienced both technical and qualification development. Starting from 1950, the company manufactured mobile parts of railway carriage housings. After 1960, the company switched to the manufacture of non-standard systems and execution of overhauls of machining tools. In the 70s, the company extended its manufacturing programme and started to manufacture lifting systems and heavy workshop mechanical systems (including for instance compression presses for the disassembly of wagon springs or bumpers).

Since 90s of the past century, the machine construction factory has experienced a number of organisational changes and at the time being, it is a state-of-art machine construction company that has become one of leading suppliers of lifting systems, winches and many other special systems for manufacturers, operators and railway and road vehicle repairs facilities in Europe thanks to its extensive experience and customer oriented approach.


Products are tested and certified by Strojírenský zkušební ústav s.p. The company holds all product certificates and all certifications necessary for the manufacture.

  • ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009– confirming the implementation and conformity of the quality management system
  • Welding certificate subject to EN 3834-2
  • ES certificates, type TÜV SÜD for individual lifting jack sets

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